The Amazing Baz

The Amazing Baz is a fire performer and music producer from the lovely city of Boston, Massachusetts. He is also responsible for the second most amazing thing that ever happened to me.

Breathing Circles

Spinning at the Commons

Last night, I went to the Loew’s theater with a few friends to see The Expendables (great movie if you enjoy watching Stalone blow things up, which I do). Afterward, we went across the street to the Commons for a bit. One of my friends is a photographer who loves long-shutter shots, so I was spinning my new crystal poi while chatting with everyone, letting him take some pictures. One of which is to the left.

As I was spinning, I of course got some strange looks from people walking by, but this one specific person and his girl actually stopped and stared at me. I thought he was really interested in watching me so I started doing some weaves and fountains. Those really are not complicated moves, I’m still a beginner mind you, but they look terrific to someone who doesn’t know much about poi. Well after a few seconds, this guy steps a little closer and I realize he wants to say something. I give him my attention, and my heart just about stopped after he told me:

“I can’t remember the last time I saw someone spinning flowpoi in downtown Boston in the middle of the night.”

…What? He said FLOWPOI! So of course I told him he was my hero for actually know what they are, as most people just think they’re pretty lights. His next sentence made me feel a bit like meeting a celebrity.

“I’m actually a representative for Flowtoys,” he told me. Okay, now I KNOW I’m dreaming! He had just finished watching Scott Pilgrim with his girl in the same theater I was in watching The Expendables. What are the odds of me spinning poi at the exact moment a poi artist happens to be in the area? I don’t know, but I’m quite happy how things worked out!

We talked for a few minutes, and he basically told me Home of Poi was a waste of time, which made me laugh. I’m beginning to think he’s right, too, since there is apparently a significant poi community in Boston and NONE of them are on HoP forums. Figures, huh?

Regardless, I got his card and sent him an email this morning. There is a spin jam Monday night that I will attend, and I’m really looking forward to it! For once I’m actually excited for it to be Monday!

I’ll definitely post more about this magnificent revelation. And I will include pictures, perhaps video if someone at the spin jam happens to take one. We’ll have to see! Stay tuned for more!

Ishana Mayakashi
AKA Laasya Water Dancer


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