Gunman in Discovery Channel HQ

Discovery Channel headquarters


For my readers who aren’t yet aware of this, there is currently, as I’m writing this, a hostage situation at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. I’m getting my up-to-date information from CNN, including live video.

The children at the daycare are all safe nearby, many already back with their families. Most employees have evacuated the building, but it seems there is a small but unknown number of hostages. Others may be safe on the higher floors.

The gunman is an adult, Asian male, reported to be James Lee from Silver Spring. He was arrested in 2008 for protesting outside of the Discovery Channel HQ. It seems he posted his demands and reasons online prior to entering the Discovery building. He has with him some sort of ‘tanks’ or ‘canisters’ that may possibly be explosives, though there is no indication if they are or not. The police are prepared to disable any explosive there may possibly be.

In regards to his demands, I can understand wanting shows to promote more eco-friendly lifestyles. I dislike much of the media, and certainly agree that it needs to drastically improve. However, he going about it the completely wrong way. He is only proving himself the “filth” that he claims all humanity to be. How can one so against so-called ‘eco-terrorism’ so readily partake in an act of terrorism? What makes one form of terrorism “okay” and another a crime? This man is purely mad.

He wants a game show dedicated to “solutions to saving the planet.” A bloody game show! I’ll not go on my own views on how to “save the planet” (rather, save humanity, as the planet is not feeble enough to perish due to one species of mammal). But how in the bloody hell will protesting against the Discovery Channel “save the planet?”

This is not about me or my thoughts. This is about the people whose lives are in danger because of this man and the families who are anxiously awaiting news from their loved ones. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Police are currently negotiating with the suspect. I hope for the best, for everyone involved.


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