Day 2: Characters

As promised, here is my answer to the second question out of 30. Read more about it on my 30 Days of Writing About Writing post.


How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?


According to what I have input in yWriter so far, I have 24 characters in God-Chosen. Thirteen of them are female, so it’s fairly evenly balanced. I try to maintain such a balance, but I prefer writing female characters. I understand how a female thinks and feels, which lets me write them more convincingly

I read a post not long ago (I think on Randy Ingermanson’s blog) that highlighted some of the main ways a man thinks. The notion that struck me the most was in regards to lust, and how a man perceives a woman’s appearance. A man wouldn’t notice the clothes themselves, but what body parts they expose, focusing on the skin instead of the cloth. I’ll be keeping that in mind in my rewrite of God-Chosen, hopefully making Lucan/Lucian more believable as male characters.

Man Vs. Woman
Via sandossu’s flickr

What about you?


Tomorrow’s question: How do you come up with names for characters and places?

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