It’s almost two weeks into September already, and I haven’t even gotten through the beginning rewrites of God-Chosen. Sigh. I’ve been slacking… Big time.

My excuse for this is that I’m a little stuck. My first draft of God-Chosen, being my first novel ever, was really rather poorly written. Though I hold firm that it is not beyond repair, it will require a fair amount of work. Namely with the beginning.

The basic structure I’m going for is the 3 Disaster structure, where the first major disaster transitions the beginning into the middle, the second lands in the middle of the middle (I consider it the climax my English teachers beat me over the head with in school) and the third disaster transitions from middle to end. I have the second and third disasters laid out fairly well as it is, but my first one… I don’t even know. I don’t have one, as it stands now, but I do have a vague idea of how I can add one that would tie into the second disaster rather nicely.

The second problem I’m having with my beginning deals with the structure of my scenes. Typically, when remaining in the same PoV, the writer alternates Action/Reaction for the scenes (or Scene/Sequel if you prefer that terminology). However, to have a Action Scene, the PoV character must have a goal, and at the beginning of God-Chosen, Lucas isn’t the type to have a goal beyond “do the same thing I did yesterday.” Which, needless to say, is a pretty lackluster kind of goal. Then again, perhaps that’s just what I need to help differentiate between Lucas and Lucian.

Basically,  my beginning scenes are unstructured and I’m not sure how to restructure them cohesively. If anyone would like to critique the first few chapters, I would really appreciate the help. And of course, I would gladly return the favor. In the meantime, I’ll keep working at this. I have a couple of scenes planned out that I haven’t written yet, so maybe after I finish those, I’ll be better equipped to complete the rest of the beginning.

My current goal is to spend most of the weekend writing. I’ll let you know on Monday how well that works out.

Ishana Mayakashi
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  1. Hi Ishana,

    It sounds to me like Lucas needs a bit more fleshing out in the beginning. Sure, his goal may be pretty lackluster, but what are his motives for wanting to “do the same thing I did yesterday?” Is there a deeper fear or motivation underlying it? Perhaps you need to establish those deep underlying motives from the start ,although it does sound like you have solved this problem by the middle and end of the novel.

    Btw, I’ll be willing to critique the first few chapters. 😉


    • Hi Daniel,

      Thanks so much for your input! I tried to show how Lucas appreciates the predictability of his mundane life, and how when it suddenly goes haywire he wants to go back to when life was simple, but I’m not sure how well I’ve managed that so far. I’ll finish up my edits on the first few chapters and send them your way later this week if that’s alright.

      Thank you, again!

  2. Of course it’s alright! I’m actually very curious about how you handled Lucas. I think he could be a very interesting character.

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