Why is my graph so ugly?

Dear WordPress,

It seems some toddler has drawn blue mountains on my Blog Stats page. While I appreciate the sentiment, I would like my nice, clean stats graph back, please.


Ishana Mayakashi

No, this isn’t a gripe about blog views. It’s a gripe about this new design WordPress is trying for these graphs. It looks terrible.

The blue shading underneath the line makes no sense to me. It’s a line graph, why should I care about the area under the curve? The purpose of the line graph is to easily see a running total of the day’s views in regards to previous days’ views. But because they suddenly want that shading, the current day’s views are all the way at the end of the graph, making it a bit difficult to see over the graph’s right-most border.

Furthermore, the X axis is no longer divided by day, but by every 3 days. Of course it’s easy enough to figure out the dot to the right of “Sept 4” is September 5th, and the dot that is to the left is September 3rd, the overall readability of the graph has severely decreased.

In my opinion, I shouldn’t have to put much thought into reading a simple line graph based off simple data. This new design is an eyesore and I want it gone. Give me my old graph back!

I know my opinion means next to nothing in the grand scheme of WordPress things, but surely I’m not the only one who dislikes this change. Right?



New Stats Graph

What my current stats graph looks like (number of views removed).

Bleght! With the line shadow AND the shading, everything just looks so blurry! (Granted, the screenshot quality isn’t terrific anyways, but look at your own graph and see for yourself)

What do you think about the change?


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  1. You too? Jolly good. I thought I was hallucinating when I first logged in this morning. Its horrible!

    P.S. I’ve blogged about it here


  2. Count me in too. It’s actually harder to read than it was before. I wish there was a way to go back to using the old graphs. Hopefully someone will figure that out.

  3. Well, I preferred the old line graph, but I got used to the blue thing. I definitely liked it better than the bar graph they just replaced it with. Is there any kind of a setting you can change so you can get the kind of graph you want? If not, that would be a good feature.

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