Day 12: World building

Day 12 ~ Enjoy!


In what story did you feel you did the best job of worldbuilding? Any side-notes on it you’d like to share?


I think so far my unnamed novel is going to have a better storyworld than God-Chosen does.

God-Chosen is based on transience. All the places Lucian and Amara visit are temporary to them, with the exception of Murana and Sol-Kolnor. While Sol-Kolnor is their home, it only features in the last chapter. Murana, the gods’ realm, is the realm Lucian and Amara fight so hard to save. Murana is eternal and must always be eternal. That is, of course, part of the point: let go of the temporary, but fight to hold onto the permanent. That’s not to say I did a bad job at worldbuilding here. The focus wasn’t on the world as much as it was on the reaction to it. How does Lucian react to the war versus Lucas? Versus Amara? What does that say about his character?

My unnamed novel (which really needs a name at some point) is far different. The state of the world is a huge factor in the plot, as does the protagonist’s ignorance of it. Most Elari never leave the Sanctuary unless it is to fight for the Sanctuary. They live with their focus on the future and their afterlife, as their religion dictates. As Natiae meets and befriends humans such as Reina, Bane, and Kale, however, she gets the rare chance to enjoy the world she lives in, something Elari are told to never do. Humans focus more on the present, what they do now and how it affects those around them. Natiae’s entire journey is one of discovery as she learns more about the world the Sanctuary hid from her.

Clouded forest mountains


Geographical features also play a much larger role, including forests, mountains, oceans, and the occasional volcano. This will be my second attempt at cartography, the first being the world Kali was to be queen in (in, not of). That is actually an interesting side-note to make. The world I created for Kali I intended on using for several stories, which all interlaced. Kali’s story took place in the southwest, I had planned another story that took place in the north, and a third about a girl named Catrin took place in the east. Catrin later became Natiae, and this evolved story begged its own world. Which is how I came here. It’s actually kind of interesting to trace the threads of story ideas back to the origin.


Tomorrow’s question: What’s your favorite culture to write, fictional or not?

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