Day 16: Romantic Relationships

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Do you write romantic relationships? How do you do with those, and how “far” are you willing to go in your writing?


God-Chosen features two romantic relationship: Lucas and Karen, Lucian and Amara. I don’t go farther than kissing and slight touching with Lucas and Karen, since their relationship is only a B plot, and I try to show that relationship as “weak” compared to Lucian and Amara’s. That is the real relationship I want the reader to focus on. Demons don’t have much of an understanding of love, so I tried to show their love in other ways than the obvious. Anger when the other is injured, for instance, but also in their deep understanding of each other. Their lust shows more prominently, though in not as many places. A couple scenes lack clothes, but I only insinuate anything further. I do much better with these relationships in my second draft than my first.

My unnamed novel doesn’t have much in the way of romantic relationships. Natiae is but 16 and has much bigger things to worry about. I might add a relationship to a supporting character as a B plot, or really rather C or D plot since the romantic partner would merely be a bit character.

In the future, I might write a prequel to God-Chosen, which would of course feature more of Amara and Lucian, how they met and the like. Her Eyes Were Green also predominantly features a man’s lust and greed.


Tomorrow’s question: Who is your favorite protagonist and why?

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