Day 18: Antagonists

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Who is your favorite antagonist and why?


I suppose Shysta, though she’s really not the main antagonist. She’s part of the antagonist party. She plays a rather minor role, but I’ve developed her character quite a bit in the past couple years. Yes, she was originally part of a completely different story, but I loved her so much, I couldn’t leave her to the dust bunnies in the back of my mind!

Shysta is the kind of villain who sides with whoever is going to win. She is ruthless and loves killing. That is not to say she enjoys taking people’s lives, but she enjoys the rush of the battle and the gory assurance that she did well. She is a demon from Hell and suits that descriptor quite well.


Tomorrow’s question: Who is your favorite minor who decide to shove him/herself into the spotlight and why?

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