Day 19: Minor characters

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Who is your favorite minor character that decided to shove himself into the spotlight and why?


Can’t say I’ve actually experienced this. Usually, my minors stay minors and that’s about it. I will tell you about my favorite minor characters though.

In God-Chosen, Commander Nevira is my favorite minor. I derived her name from Severina, which if you follow the etymology back, derives itself from a Latin male name meaning stern. Nevira is very strict and has high expectations of those she works with. She has a quick tongue and isn’t shy to say what she thinks.

In my unnamed novel, I’ll have to say Bane is my favorite minor. Bane is actually his nick-name. His real name is Benjamin. His mother called him “Bean” when he was a child, but he caused so much trouble he later became “Bane.” That mostly sets the tone for who he is.


Tomorrow’s question: What are your favorite character interactions to write?

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