Again with the graphs


Is WordPress playing musical graphs here?

Personally, I thought the original line graph was just fine. I didn’t see much of a need to change it to the ugly blue mountains we’ve dealt with the past couple weeks. I guess they heard us complain and now we have this:

Bar graph now?

The new new stats graph

Why? I don’t understand. Wakarimasen!

It’s not even “Blog Stats” anymore. It’s “Site Stats.” Alliteration aside (to avoid being overly pedantic), I suppose it’s all the same. Which is why I ask: Why change it? What’s the difference? Was it so terrible to begin with?

It’s not that I dislike change. In fact, sometimes it can be great! But as the Bert Lance proverb goes: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The bar graph isn’t terrible, I’ll give them that much. The shading for the weekends is a nice touch, but I still don’t like how the dates are labeled in fives. Yes, I am smart enough to figure out what date it is by counting. Yes, you can see the date more clearly by hovering your cursor over the bar, but this graph should be easy to understand at a glance. I don’t want to have to finagle with it to get the most basic information. Perhaps I’m being picky.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the change? Hate it? Indifferent? Which of the three most recent graphs do you like best? (For pictures of the last two line graphs, see my previous post)

UPDATE: WordPress’s announcement. I don’t think it’s sexy. I liked the line graph better than the bars. However, the added functionality of moving modules around (or hiding them) is nice, and I do appreciate that. Though I don’t view WordPress on any other device but a computer/laptop, I can imagine the ability to view these graphs on one’s phone is also useful.

But my opinion still stands: It’s easier to see changing trends using lines and labeling every day instead of every 3 or 5 days.


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  1. I hate it. I didn’t like the blue mounatins any better.

  2. preferred the line graphs (even with the shading) to the bars. much easier for me to see the trends.

  3. Just responded on your other post before I saw this. I liked the old line graph, got used to the blue graph over time. The bar graph is annoying. Maybe I will get used to it in time also. However, I think having the option to pick a graph type might be the best solution.

  4. I’m open for change but I gotta say, not quite a fan of the bar graph :/

  5. I’m an analyst and I make a lot of graphs at my job. I don’t recall ever using a bar chart to show a trend. They are more for comparing between different products or whatever.

    I thought the WordPress update was pretty funny. I think they are trying too hard to make their graphs look fancy. I wish they would just give me the option to customize my own graphs, or better yet, give me access to the database, then I would create my own reports 🙂

    • That would be FANTASTIC! I think you can access your DB with but I’m not really sure.

      Ah hahaha, Pie graph of blog views? DONE! Histogram? Check.Could have fun with that… Could even make a stacked bar graph of daily views and how many of those were to the homepage.

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