10 Ways to Amuse Your Muse* (via Strangling My Muse)

Complete with writing prompts, this short list has great items to spend a few minutes on and improve your mood and perhaps your creativity, too. Highly recommend this.

10 Ways to Amuse Your Muse* Back by popular demand, here’s a list to help inspire the playful side of your creativity: Write something silly, like a haiku about your boss’s tie or the dialogue your dog would have with the cat if he could talk. Make something silly—knit an envelope or create a collage out of pictures of toes. Watch this video of a typing monkey. Freewrite about something silly. Use this prompt: When he appears in my life, the closet monster always takes some … Read More

via Strangling My Muse


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  1. stranglingmymuse

    Thanks so much for linking to my blog, Ishana — and for your kind words about this post!

    ~Sandy Ackers, Strangling My Muse

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