Update + Bonus Link

Found a great post today on showing versus telling called The Great Unsaid, complete with examples.

Wrote nearly 2,000 words yesterday. Hope to write at least that much today. Thinking about starting a reading project as well. More on that later.

Trying to distract myself from more upsetting thoughts.


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  1. Thanks for the nice article! Hope you’re not feeling too upset.

    • Glad you liked it! Ironic how your week 3 post for your writing workshop also dealt with show and tell.
      I’m feeling much better now despite having come short of my 2,000-word goal. Spinjam tonight proved rather cathartic for me, so I really can’t complain.

  2. I had to Google what spinjam is. That looks pretty cool!

    • I talk more about it here https://ishanamaya.wordpress.com/category/skill-toys/
      Though I haven’t made a post in a while. I haven’t been spinning poi much as of late, either. *slacking*

      • I know the feeling. I don’t always want to call it slacking though. I haven’t been going to the gym or running much lately. I haven’t been reading much lately. I haven’t even been writing all that much to be honest. But add it all up, combine it with a busy work life, and it’s still pretty impressive. And I’m still wondering when I will ever start brushing up on my Chinese.

        I don’t know too much of your life of course, but I know for a fact you write more than me and you blog more than me. You also have a job, and you’re spinning poi and dancing(?) as well. There’s really only so much we can do without resting, although sometimes I wish I was one of those people who only need 5 hours of sleep.

        • Well to be fair, I don’t do much at work haha. I work at a help desk, so if people don’t need help, I have naught to do. Which is why I blog so much. I’d spend that time writing if I could focus on it while I’m at work. Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to sleep at all? Like if it was just a pastime instead of a necessity? Eight more hours to do everything you want to do and couldn’t before! Huzzah!

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