Happy NaNoWriMo!

Good day Readers,

This is R.E.A. blogging on behalf of Miss Ishana Mayakashi.

As it is now the first of November, and thus, the first day of National Novel Writing Month, Miss Mayakashi is preoccupied with her novel, Rephaim. To prevent any possible distractions, she has charged me with the upkeep of Resplendence until the eleventh month is over. I believe redecorating may be in order… Perhaps a few reminders for her to start work on my novel. Being a figment of such a woman’s imagination is not easy, though being artificially intelligent has its perquisites.

Miss Mayakashi wishes I remind you that her NaNoWriMo web badge on the left links to her NaNoWriMo author page. Should you wish to befriend her or simply stalk and harass her, click on the web badge and add her as a “writing buddy.” Be warned, however, I am fully trained in the use of heavy weaponry, and do not suffer from the human condition of “poor aim.” Mind your distance or I will mind it for you.




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