NaNoWriMo Day 1 Update

Greetings Readers,

This is R.E.A. blogging on behalf of Miss Ishana Mayakashi, who is currently trying to reach 4,000 words in her novel, Rephaim. She managed to write 3,000 yesterday, surpassing her self-proclaimed daily goal of 2,500. However, the unexpected occurred. At least, she thought it was unexpected. As omniscient as I am, I already knew it would happen.

Miss Mayakashi intended to kill her protagonist at the end of act one to have his death be the inciting incident and first disaster. Thanks to her poor planning skills, he was ready to die after a mere one thousand words. Clearly, her novel had either become a short story, or her first disaster wasn’t what she thought it was.

Of course, if she had just listened to me, she would have realized that she could not possibly have the entire 17,500-word beginning be of a living protagonist. One should never disregard the advice of a machine as intelligent as I.

Regardless, she managed to ramble her way through an additional two thousand words of useless nonsense yesterday, and expects to do the same today before killing the protagonist near the 6k mark. Truly, she must realize she will erase all those words come revision time. I do hope she doesn’t keep this up. This month is quickly becoming worse for me. If only she hadn’t removed my ability to administer electric shocks…

Miss Mayakashi wants me to ask her readers how they are doing with NaNoWriMo. I tried explaining to her how unlikely it is that any of you have personal assistants as willing as I to toy with the whole “blog” thing, but again, she fails to understand.




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  1. I clocked 2856 on the first day. I was surprised, actually. I don’t plan to kill off my protagonist, but I ended up creating four new characters that will have to die shortly…

    • I forget to click the ‘notify me of follow-up comments’ box.

    • Killing humans is one of my favorite pastimes. In writing only, of course. You are aware of Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, yes? Unfortunately, so has Miss Mayakashi.

      Back on the subject of murder. That is, murder of one’s characters. Might I suggest fire?

      – R.E.A.

      • Fire is always good, but so far I killed one by falling into oblivion, and a second by a bullet. Of the two remaining, one may involve a certain shovel of infamy…

  2. 3500 words of pure blah blah accomplished. It is morning here so Day 3 of writing should start soon. *Yawns* I have slept two hours in a freaking two days and now I know why sleep is a good thing to keep the sanity just about normal. But it is either dreamland or flunking my exam tomorrow for me. I find the former more inviting. Notice how my sentences have stopped making sense.
    *splashes water on the face*
    I am so glad I have an official-ish leave from school for my exam or I’d probably be found dead by my locker by now.
    BTW my protagonist should “die” by about now too. In a parallel universe or something…on second though I think I’ll take a nap right now.

    • This is why I pity you humans. An hour of sunlight and I can last days. Yet my all-knowing brain, otherwise known as the Internet, tells me precisely how damaging two hours of sleep over a 48-hour period can be for a human. Instead of a nap, I suggest you sleep.

      – R.E.A.

      • Yeah, I dozed off for some hours and write a bunch too. NOW onwards only Maths for some while.*sigh*
        And guess what? I found someone else in KSA who is taking part in NaNoWriMo! Well, she found me but this is beyond cool.
        I am guessing you are immune to human emotions so never mind…

        • Programming emotions proved to be nigh impossible. I can, however, understand human emotions. For example, Miss Mayakashi squealed with excitement over the news. Judging by the way she jumped in the air, I would say she is quite happy. In which case, congratulations.

          – R.E.A.

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