Balance of Power

I spent a good portion of the day watching a friend play Dragon Age. There was one part where a Templar was assigned to kill a Mage if the Mage failed her task. Templars excel at killing Mages, and were thus charged with keeping things from getting out of hand. This got my creative mind working. I can’t sleep so let’s see where this thought takes me!

Lunette turned the corner and had to stop herself from turning and running back to her room. It wasn’t that the Templars hated Magai. In fact, the world needed the Magai to continue prospering. It was more the knowledge that the man standing idly at the conference room door could kill Lunette without breaking a sweat that terrified her.

The Templar hardly paid her mind as she moused by him. He may have even nodded to the timid female Mage, but Lunette did her best not to notice.

She turned the next corner and released a heavy breath. No wonder the university hallways were quite to empty. Always the last to know, she sighed to herself, lifting her skirt as she ascended the main stairs. She spied a professor speaking with a Templar by the entrance to the hall. It was Professor Nahm’Kay, head of the communications division. Lunette didn’t need to see his face to know it carried his usual stupid grin. The Templar’s armor seemed shinier than most others, though he wore the same face-covering helmet as the rest.

Lunette accepted the fact that she missed the memo on some conference or another and continued down the hall. She tried to remember the last time she checked her mail. Certainly it was just a few days ago on her way home from the solstice party. Her nose wrinkled as she realized the equinox was naught but a week away. Few days ago indeed… Who gave Time the right to pass without her permission?

Lunette paused at the door of classroom 256 to fix her hair and smooth her gown. She didn’t know what Headmistress Proxima wanted her for, but a written summons can only be something important.

She pushed open the doors, took two brave steps into the room and stopped.


The Templars, Guardians, and Rangers stopped their discussions to glance at the interrupter. Namely, at Lunette.

“I’m sorry, I must have the wrong room,” she managed to stammer as she turned to leave the room.

“Lunette!” the headmistress was beside her in a moment, ushering the confused girl back into the room. “Glad you could make it. Sit down right at that table and all will be explained.” Headmistress Proxima left Lunette to rejoin the brutes with pointed weapons.

Lunette wished the door out of the room hadn’t just been shut and locked. Imagine, Magai locked in a room with Templars! Though the nervous looks on some of the younger Guardians proved a minor consolation; they were as terrified of Magai as Magai were of Templars. Lunette hoped to see a nervous Templar inching away from the nearest Guardian, but the bloody masks brought an end to it.

Lunette’s table lacked a Templar, to her infinite gratitude, though she wasn’t entirely pleased about her nearest companion.  His permanent scowl and black cape made him look like the assassin wannabe everyone wanted to kick in the groin. Lunette plopped into the chair in a defiantly graceful way only Lunette could pull off.

The assassin wannabe didn’t so much as glance at her.

“I know you all are dying to hear why we’ve summoned you today,” the headmistress began speaking.

Lunette glanced at the others at her table. The female Ranger needed to put more clothes on and probably could use a good bath as well. Lunette could have sworn she saw a flee. The Guardian next to the tart of a Ranger couldn’t have had a haughtier look on his face if he tried. In fact, Lunette was certain he was trying, which made him look all the more absurd.

Did the headmistress just say “dragon?” Surely not.

The other tables looked much similar to her own. There were four others with four people each. Three of them had other Magai. Two of them were male, one an upperclassmen who was actually quite rude, and the other Lunette recognized from class. The light reflected off his glasses as he stared intently at Headmistress Proxima.

“Teamwork, above all else, will be vital!”

The third Mage was an underclassmen, and female. Lunette wrinkled her nose. The other Mage was quite pretty.

Lunette turned away and examined the rest of the group. It seemed they were all students. She made it a point to ignore all the Templars, but her eyes found one male Ranger particularly fascinating. His vest did little to cover the lean muscles on his chest and stomach. Lunette had seen a man in the nude before, she took anatomy, after all, but none of the male Magai in the university were any kind of muscular. This Ranger was like a new and fascinating creature.

“We will test each of you in the coming weeks.”

Lunette wondered what such a muscular body felt like. How hard were his muscles? What his skin softer or coarser because of them? Warmer or colder? It wasn’t a big kind of muscular, either, unlike some of the Guardians from about the room. The Guardians also didn’t have so much skin showing, and were typically hairier. This Ranger engrossed Lunette’s mind.

“Bring in the Ogres!”

Lunette fell out of her chair.


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  1. Hihi, nice little parody on Dragon Age. Which reminds me that I really need to start playing it again soon (after I finish Mass Effect). I stopped playing it halfway through months ago.

    • I want the game so badly! It’s on sale on Steam right now for only $22, I’m tempted to buy it but I’ve already bought myself the Humble Bundle for $25 and the Oddbox for $18…

  2. Yikes! I haven’t visited Steam for a while now. Those are a lot of deals! I know last time I bought a whole bunch of games I haven’t even started playing yet! :-S

  3. I’ve never played Dragon Age, though I know that I friend of mine got so engrossed in it once that his girlfriend warned me not to tell him about Dragon Age II… If it’ll run on my computer, though, I might give it a try.

    As for the story, it was interesting. I can only assume that the tables are adventuring parties, and that these ogres are the beginning of practice to take on a dragon.

    …Or maybe I’m completely off the mark.

    • Dragon Age 2 comes out in March! The game looks terrifically fun, I’ve been watching a friend play it. If you like strategic RPGs, I would highly recommend it.

      This story is rather poorly written, though in my defense it was past midnight and I didn’t bother editing any of it. The idea I had in mind was that whoever survived/did the best throughout the tests would join the party to essentially save the world or something. Would be amusing to see Lunette in the same party as the male Ranger she was so completely engrossed with.

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