Such Great Heights

Listening to The Section Quartet cover Such Great Heights by The Postal Service.
This is the image that popped into my head. Hope it makes up for not posting yesterday. And for not having done critiques yet.


He stood at the top of the world. It was his place. The wind blew, circling his body like a loving hug. It carried with it the scents of the world below, the world he left behind. He spread his arms.

He stood alone, soaking in the heat of the sun. Shutting his eyes, he turned his face upward. The warmth spread throughout his body.

Nothing could reach him here. This was his refuge, his sanctuary. This was peace.

The scent on the wind became that of flowers, blooming for the first time since the ground thawed. He breathed it in. He knew the scent.

He lowered his eyes and returned his arms to his side. The breeze released its embrace and traveled across the long grass.

He stepped away from the edge of the world and turned around. A lone figure stood at the water’s edge, long hair tangling in the wind.

She stared at him and he stared back. Someone had found his spot. She was an intruder, but not an unwelcome one. The wind embraced her as it had him. It pushed him toward her, and her toward him.

He stepped forward.

She opened her arms.

The sun was warm.


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Writer, dancer, gamer, and admirer of all that is beautiful.

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