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Ishy Goes Apartment Hunting

Went out yesterday afternoon to look at some apartments and found what will likely be my new home. It’s a lovely apartment, all shiny and renovated with hardwood floors, granite counters, stainless steel refrigerator, and other wonderfulness. In short: I absolutely love it and really hope it works out!

Later yesterday evening, one of my future roommates and I took a walk to the apartment to get a better look around. The building is in the process of renovation, so there is quite a bit of junk in the side yard. Since we were there, we decided to explore the mounds of… stuff.

Should have known how this would turn out when we discovered the Staircase to Nowhere on the way… Read the rest of this entry

Improving: You’re Doing it Wrong

I have a research proposal due today for my Empirical Research Methods class. The proposal is mostly to comply with IRB guidelines, one of which being that students must obtain the professor’s permission before completing a study. I wrote the proposal yesterday and emailed it off to my partner. He looked it over and emailed it back to me with a few “grammatical and formatting changes.”

The first thing that struck me was the formatting. I’m no graphic designer, but I’m actually rather good at formatting Word documents. I tend to follow the same rules that apply to resumes: all headings have identical formatting, indentations are consistent throughout the document, use no more than three different font styles (styles, not faces).

It would appear my dear partner dislikes these rules. Read the rest of this entry

Words That Should Disappear: Queue

I have been incredibly busy in the past couple weeks working on a wide assortment of tasks, studying being the most time-consuming of them all. My weekend consisted of writing pages of notes to study for my wonderful Systems & Networks exam which was Monday morning. Yes, I actually studied for it. One of the more common words I wrote as part of these notes was ‘queue.’

That word needs to die.

Now before you start calling me racist against words that sound like letters, try writing the word “queue.” In cursive. Write it again, but faster. Write it as fast as you would write when not trying to be neat. Now write it a dozen times a page for ten pages.

If you’re anything like me, the word ‘queue’ is now a q followed by a bunch of squiggles. Did you lose track of how many squiggles you wrote after the q? I can usually keep up to the first e, after that I give up and hope it’s legible. The best keyboard approximation I can give for this is ‘q~~~~.’ For an example of what this looks like in my notes, here are just two lines out of the eleven pages I wrote this weekend:

Multilevel Q~~~~ Scheduling

Partitions ready q~~~~ into several separate q~~~~s.

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Midnight Hallucinations

Dreams are weird. I’m the kind of person who usually remembers dreams (and dreams in color, something I guess only 3% of the population does). This means I wake up in the morning with some pretty amazing stories to tell.

Monday is a recent example. While I can’t recall the entire dream, there is one scene that stuck with me. I was outside somewhere, and a group of six or so guys decided to attack me. Not giant, burly men, mind you. They were all lean and not much taller than I. Nor was there any extreme sense of malice in the attack. It was almost like it was a game (huh…).

Anyways, they attacked me and I incapacitated all of them without breaking a sweat or taking a hit. One after another, they all went down. When I was finished, I just continued on my merry way. A couple of them that were still conscious insisted I was a cyborg/robot to have won so easily. Read the rest of this entry