We are… VERSAILLES! (photo/video heavy)

Okay, we’re not, but they are



Band members from the left: TERU, Jasmine You, Kamijo, Yuki, Hizaki

and I love them ❤

They are all incredible musicians and Kamijo has an amazing voice, something I find is rare among Japanese rock bands. I’ve been in love with Versailles since I first came across them in late 2009. This unfortunately was a couple months after their bassist, Jasmine You, passed away. They have since recruited an official sixth member, the bassist Masashi.

Honestly, I think Masashi looks a little… creepy. But he’s a fantastic bassist (former apprentice of Jasmine You) and seems to suit the band quite well. I’ve not yet had the chance to get to know him, so it’s too early for me to pass any sort of judgment on him.

I’ll not go through the bios of every member, as you can go to Dead Orchestra and find out everything you need to know. Instead, I’m going to discuss their upcoming single, Philia.

Versailles is a visual-kei band, meaning their appearance is a part of their music. They usually go more toward a Victorian-esque style and I invariably wish I had Hizaki’s dress. Typically, they have new outfits for every year. With the introduction of the black outfits in Philia, however, they have two new outfits to showcase.

Versailles Philia Limited Edition

Band members from left to right: Hizaki, TERU, Masashi, Yuki, Kamijo

One of the more intriguing things about this is TERU’s distinctly male outfit. Over the years, TERU’s outfits have gradually drifted away from the cute and more toward the dapper. He looks great either way, but I am a particular fan of the top hat.

TERU before joining Versailles in 2007


And did you SEE Hizaki’s boots?

There are POMPOMS on his BOOTS! I’m not typically an advocate of pompoms, but this realization made my day. It’s still completely unfair that a guy looks quite so beautiful. I only slightly hate him for it.

If you’re interested in hearing more from Versailles, I suggest looking up Chateau de Versailles on YouTube. Chateau de Versailles is their DVD of their live performance at Shibuya CC Lemon Hall in December of 2008. As far as specific songs go, all of them are amazing, but Revenant Choir is one of my favorites to watch (not necessarily listen to, though).

Addition: I am now running a blog translating Versailles’ posts and news about the band. It’s still new, but if you’re interested, stop by VPQ Noble!


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  1. I love Versailles, they’re great! Teru is my favorite ^^

  2. I like it. The style of epic rock reminds me of Jam Project a bit, and I find Kamijo’s voice awfully familiar, though I can’t place it…

    • If you can place it, I’ll be interested to hear where. Not Lareine or New Sodmy was it?

      • I’ve never heard of either band before looking into it earlier, but no. It’s that his voice sounds like someone else’s, and I can’t remember who.

        Ah, it might be the singer from Nightmare I’m thinking of, but I don’t think that’s it. Argh, my broad music collection is not conducive to figuring this out.

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