Midnight Hallucinations

Dreams are weird. I’m the kind of person who usually remembers dreams (and dreams in color, something I guess only 3% of the population does). This means I wake up in the morning with some pretty amazing stories to tell.

Monday is a recent example. While I can’t recall the entire dream, there is one scene that stuck with me. I was outside somewhere, and a group of six or so guys decided to attack me. Not giant, burly men, mind you. They were all lean and not much taller than I. Nor was there any extreme sense of malice in the attack. It was almost like it was a game (huh…).

Anyways, they attacked me and I incapacitated all of them without breaking a sweat or taking a hit. One after another, they all went down. When I was finished, I just continued on my merry way. A couple of them that were still conscious insisted I was a cyborg/robot to have won so easily.

This is an awesome dream. I’m okay with having dreams where I pwn. In fact, I enjoy it. Bring it on!

Yet not all dreams leave me feeling quite so awesome. A few years ago, when I was still dating my ex, I had a dream that made me want to call him and scream at him. In this dream, my ex sat me down with his martian husband and told me it was over.

Yeah you read right. Martian husband. My ex was cheating on me with a martian, to whom he got married. Just… what?

This martian was an older man, too. Gray hair, signs of wrinkles about his face, but lean and in good health. I was about 17/18 years old at the time, my ex a year older. Why did I dream about my beloved leaving me for a 50-something-year-old martian? I think it was a warning for what was to come.

I’m just going to leave that there. I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks.

I love dreams. I love interpreting them. They can tell us so much about our own hearts and minds if only we listen. Yet even so, sometimes we can only understand them in retrospect. This was one such case for me.

So then, dear reader, what is the strangest dream you have ever had? Do your dreams inspire you or frighten you? Or do you not recall your dreams at all?

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  1. I am BACK! 🙂
    Your blog looks lovely. Wow, that is a lot of posts I have to catch up to. Yay.

    I don’t remember my dreams. Even if I do,they sure don’t have any Martians, street fights or any radioactive food.
    Were you playing some video game before you went to sleep? Before the dream with the six men? ‘Coz it sounds very video-gamey(the dream, that is).

    • Welcome back!

      There is a good chance I was playing Guild Wars before going to bed. Yet GW does not have cyborgs and isn’t exactly contemporary. I won’t complain, it’s an awesome dream to have!

  2. My dream recall varies. I’ve tried to do work on it, and kept records of some of my dreams.

    One particularly weird one that I can recall had me (who is extremely nonathletic) taking part in a race with a group of people including a girl a used to have a crush on. All of the people were dressed in classical clothing, though. The race ended up being through some kind of a clock tower, but when I reached the top I found out that the roof was partially submerged in water. I got a cellphone message saying I finished the race fourth. Then I solved some sort of puzzle to raise the building out of the water, and that’s all I remember/recorded. Pretty strange, I’d say.

    • It sounds amazing. Both the latent and manifest content are quite intriguing. Why a race, why that girl, why the clothes, and why the clock tower? Have you ever tried to write a story based on a dream or otherwise incorporate a dream into a story? It can make things rather interesting.

  3. I envy you and your dreams. They seem so simple and not entirely filled with malice. Innocent, if I may place a proper word. Whereas I, I’d rather have no dreams at all if every night my very sanity would be threatened by some unnameable thing.

    Interesting dream with the martian though. Was the martian a human from mars or a native of the planet?

  4. Tetris.

    I tend to enjoy dreams most people consider weird. I only wake up unsettled when I remember something that I really think I shouldn’t have been dreaming.

    Back in high school I went on a Tetris binge and was playing it in almost all my free time. Then one night, after a long day of playing almost all day (I think it was a weekend.) My dream was my brain basically running Tetris, my subconscious would set up the stage and then I’d try to beat it.

    I took a nice long break from the game after that.

  5. Did I ever tell you about the Dinopocalypse?

    So it’s the future, and humanity is living in these sort of city-sized compounds with strong walls to defend against the evolved/mutated dinosaurs that roam the land. My particular one is on a small peninsula, so as to have better defenses. Well we get word that there are people (including at least one of my friends) that are trying to make it, and we have to go distract the dinosaurs so that the people can get there alive.

    This results in a squadron of us going out with guns and at least one Jeep-mounted .50 cal and going toe-to-toe with something that looks like a descendant of the T-Rex, while creatures that look like crosses between pterodactyls and the little monsters from Cloverfield fly around and screech.

    We won, and it was awesome.

    I tend to have ridiculous dreams. The ones I fondly remember are ones that involve a laser sniper rifle and flying cars, or saving the buffalo on Mt. Everest from Sarah Palin, or solving haunted house mysteries with Ronald McDonald, or other such nonsense. There have also been unsettling ones, like the one where I pulled the covers on my bed back and was covered in bed bugs. That was…terrifying, in its own way.

    By the way: I absolutely dream in color.

    • I don’t think I’d be able to fall back asleep if I dreamed my bed as covered in bed bugs…

      Yeah, I’d camp out on the floor after that.

      • Oh it wasn’t my bed. It was me.

        I actually have a method of dealing with things like that – I have to get up, leave my room, drink some water, sometimes even turn a light on and just mentally re-force myself into better thoughts.

        Also, I did sort of take the covers apart and cover every inch with my Maglite. That helped.

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