Ishy Goes Apartment Hunting

Went out yesterday afternoon to look at some apartments and found what will likely be my new home. It’s a lovely apartment, all shiny and renovated with hardwood floors, granite counters, stainless steel refrigerator, and other wonderfulness. In short: I absolutely love it and really hope it works out!

Later yesterday evening, one of my future roommates and I took a walk to the apartment to get a better look around. The building is in the process of renovation, so there is quite a bit of junk in the side yard. Since we were there, we decided to explore the mounds of… stuff.

Should have known how this would turn out when we discovered the Staircase to Nowhere on the way…

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Other randomness included shovels, a fisherman lamp, fish tank, wrapping paper, and a box of someone’s mail from the 90s. It was like a self-serve yard sale where everything broken, but also free. And Adam got a mop bucket out of it.

Do you, dear reader, have any strange tales to tell? Find something completely random one day, or witness something bizarre beyond comprehension? Tell your story!


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  1. All of that looked AWESOME.

    I do not have any stories to tell, though.

  2. My life is comprised of many random and bizarre observations of varying degrees. Perhaps one of the most random was on a vacation out West. While riding motorcycles around Monument Valley (my mom and dad both rode when I was in my teens), we spotted a white horse darting across the barren lands between the mesas. As it got closer, we realized it was being chased by two dogs–or coyotes possibly–and they were being chased by a cat. Then, if I remember correctly, the horse made some unexpected move and came within inches of hiting my mom and brother on the one bike. It was very, very strange…

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