Becoming a Hermit

It’s a bit of a joke among my friends that I am a hermit. Tom refers to my place of residence as my “cave,” and will go through great lengths to drag me out of it. My introverted nature means I get nervous around large groups of people, especially if I don’t know anyone. Then when you consider the fact that I don’t have the time or money to go out much, my cave really starts to look more like a prison.

Now multiply that by ten and you’ll understand why I’m officially becoming a hermit.

I’ve been going through orthodontic work for the past ten or so years to correct a misalignment in my jaw. This misalignment makes it impossible (or at least painful) for me to eat most forms of solid food. All of this orthodontic work has been leading up to the surgery I need to correct it. I had a consultation with the oral surgeon this past Tuesday and left feeling rather heartbroken.

My orthodontist says I’m ready for surgery, but the oral surgeon says I am not. I’m also currently in a bit of an insurance snafu, in the sense that I don’t have insurance. But it turns out that doesn’t really matter, as there is this rather involved process of x-rays and molds before I can even get my surgery done, which insurance would not cover. This process will cost a wonderful amount of $2000.

So now it’s epic fund-raising time. I have a surgery to fund, student loans to pay back, and a shiny new apartment to pay for. My plan to accomplish all this involves two jobs and a strict no-spending budget. Everything I don’t spend on rent and groceries will go into my savings to pay for my surgery or my schooling.

Between that and my busy work/school schedule, I’ll rarely if ever get to see my friends. Chances are, I’ll be too exhausted to do anything but sleep when home anyways. This also means I may neglect my blog even more than I already do. Consider it like a game: Will Ishy post today??? Correct guesses win virtual confetti!


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  1. I feel like I’ve heard of that game somewhere before…

  2. Same here…

    Hope it all works out soon.

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