Monthly Archives: May 2011

New Home, New Fears

So I’ve moved into a shiny new apartment.

And it is shiny.

Very shiny.

It’s a gorgeous apartment and I love it. The unfortunate part of it, is I’m the only one here at the moment. I will have three roommates, but due to poor timing, they won’t be moving in until later and I’m here by myself until then.

Regardless, I’ve two decks, one of which overlooks the city, in-unit washer/drier, an amazing bathtub and shower, and even a NINJA KITCHEN!

So what am I so afraid of? I suppose being late for class, as I do live a bit further from campus than I did before. Break-ins are always a worry, though I think living on the third floor and making sure doors are locked will more or less keep that fear at bay.

What I’m really afraid of, is the stove. And oven. It’s this giant monstrous thing that looks rather at home in the otherwise lovely kitchen. My roommates love it. I find it menacing. Read the rest of this entry