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Blah Blog

I don’t like blogging.

I know, I know… Who blogs about not liking blogging? I do, apparently.

I started this blog to force myself to write creatively. I did that for a while, and it made me hate writing. I held myself to higher standards when writing something to the entire Internet, and that killed my writing ambition. That’s when I started using this blog to sort of “instruct” others on writing — giving tips and the like.

That sort of worked for a while, but the problem was I hardly had the experience or skill to be giving such advice to others. I was again holding myself to higher standards than I could feasibly reach. In addition, most anything I thought of sharing had already been shared by dozens of other people far better than I could convey myself. I soon gave up with that as well.

I tried making my blog about storytelling, because I love relaying stories of random events. That failed as well, because telling stories is far different from writing them. And these aren’t even fictional stories. I would end up halfway through a post and lose interest in it, or not even start. The ones I did finish, I was rarely happy with. Read the rest of this entry

Duo Quadding

Since 2007, I’ve been playing a fantasy MMORPG called Rappelz. It’s a crappy game, really… but I’ll explain why in a different post. I’ve “quit” the came a few times, but the friends I have there keep dragging me back. The laughs I have with them make it far worth my time, despite how aggravating the game can be.

The level cap of this game is something absurd, level 190 or something, but most people are lucky to reach 160. I say “lucky,” I think I mean “obsessed.” It’s a massive grind game and at level 150+, you might spend 2-3 hours playing just to lose all of the experience you gained in a single death. Talk about harsh.

I’m currently level 138 and in the middle of quest lines that will get me to 149. The quests give massive amounts of experience, but are rather idiotic. They start at level 130, but have you kill mobs that are level 170. I understand they want to make the quests hard to complete, forcing people to work together and (hopefully) build teamwork, but I think they went about it the wrong way.

A team of level 130+ questers cannot take down a level 180 boss, no matter how well they work as a team. Even the highest level people in the game can hardly hit these bosses, and those people have a lot to lose if they die. In the end, you have level 130+ people willing to PAY level 150+ people to help them with the quests. That is not encouraging teamwork, that’s encouraging greed and desperation. Read the rest of this entry

Best. Pet. Ever.

Brother cats cuddled together かわいい~!

Growing up, I always had a cat. Usually we’d have two from the same litter, siblings to keep each other company. My last cat I got when I was eleven years old, and named him Bailey. He was big and fat and amazed me with the tiny spaces he could squeeze his lard through. The sliding door in the sun room would be open just a couple inches and he’d manage to get through it.

We had Bailey as our only pet until my brother moved back in with his four cats. Yes, four. The mom, dad, and two sons. Seeing them all clash was worth as many giggles as headaches. The mom and dad (Waldo and Buddy respectively) had all sorts of marital disputes. I mostly blame Waldo. Buddy would try to cuddle, but she would start playing. He would play back, she would start losing and scream at him for it.

This is Buddy, and how he would frequently sleep. He fell off the chair shortly after I took this picture.

Waldo would baffle my poor Bailey. She would come up to him all sweet-like and rub up against him like she’s his best friend. Then without warning she would turn around, slap him, and flee. Bailey would stand there like “Wtf mate???” then turn to me like I could give him an explanation for her atrocious behavior.

Their story doesn’t end happily, but lately I’ve been thinking… If I could have any pet, what would it be? My first thought is a hedgehog, of all things. They’re small, relatively low-maintenance, quiet, and absolutely adorable. Not to mention I think most apartment complexes would allow a small pet like that, even if they don’t allow dogs or cats. And just look at them! Cute little round balls of spikes ~ Oh my squee! You eat that little carrot Mr. Hedgehog! Go go! Read the rest of this entry

Technology Hates Me

It’s debatable whether or not our tech gadgets have become sentient and are in fact secretly plotting to kill us all. Regardless which side of that debate you’re on, I’m sure you’ve had a string of days where everything you touched, broke. That’s a bit how the past couple days have been for me, only I work at an IT Service Desk. So it’s a bit of a problem.

Issue One: The President’s Laptop

It all started when I was imaging up a laptop for the company president. It’s a standard procedure, but I needed to go through extra lengths to make sure he had everything he needed, including iTunes, which requires Quicktime. I tried to install Quicktime, but got a message saying Windows was already installing something, and I had to wait for that to finish. That’s all well and good, but I wasn’t installing anything and the CPU usage was at 0%.

After a fresh restart, I tried again and got the same error. There were three Windows Installer processes running, using none of the CPU. I tried ending one, and two more came to replace it. I tried another, and got the same thing. I restarted again, but let it sit this time. Nearly an hour later, all of them were gone and Windows Update wanted to restart.

I went into Windows Update and checked which updates were installed. The most recent item on the list was from hours previous, and I had restarted numerous times since then. So the system had self-replicating installers that seemingly took an hour to install a hidden update? What. Read the rest of this entry