This is a very bad idea

At the behest of Tom, I have joined what is called the “Blogenning.” In short, a group of friends and I have formed a blogging support group in which we encourage each other to write 3 posts a week and subject failures to beatings and ridicule! (Well okay, there’s not actually any beatings or ridicule unless it’s self-inflicted.)

Other participants are as follows:

I don’t think I’ll be able to jump straight into three posts a week. I’m well aware my blog lacks any sort of direction, and I’ve been at a loss for what to write about for some time. My intent is to start with one or two a week until I get back into blogging again. Hopefully I’ll come up with something to say, for your sake more than mine.

As for why I say this is a bad idea — I’m going to end up listing attributes of the sky just for the sake of posting something.

The rules of the Blogenning, as written by Ian, are as follows:

  • The first rule of the Blogenning is that you always talk about the blogenning.
  • The second rule of the Blogenning is that you ALWAYS. TALK. ABOUT. THE BLOGENNING!…*ahem*
  • The third rule, three posts per week, minimum, is expected from all members of the Blogenning, ere they risk countless ridicule, name calling, and badgering (with sporks… arse eels, and possibly even badgers).
  • The fourth rule of the Blogenning is that of “The Rotation.” The Rotation is a thematic challenge, started every week by a rotating member* of the Blogenning. The first post of this week by the scheduled member becomes the challenge theme, and the same topic/category of post must be written by all members of the Blogenning that week. This means that if I write about rabid bunnies as my first post on my week, you all have to write about them at some point. Or if my first post of the week is a poem, you all have to post a poem by the end of the week. This post does count towards your weekly total, so it is not “extra.” The punishment for failing The Rotation is to produce an extra post the following week to make up for it (meaning that if I do not make one of my weekly posts about furries during Jaco’s week to meet his challenge post of “The Wonders and Joys of Furries” then I will owe anextra post the following week covering that topic. If I still fail to produce said post… the group shall think up an appropriate punishment.
  • And finally, rule five of the Blogenning… have fun. This is meant to be an enjoyable and inspiring project. So if it begins to feel like a chore, or even like a second job… let the group know.

The theme this week was apparently the Blogenning, so mission fulfilled! Go me!


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  1. Oh… no… don’t worry. There is ridicule. Just wait till someone falls behind by more than a week… you’ll see.

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