Nomenclature Conundrum

I have far too many names. Throughout my life I’ve been Resa, Terry, Zach/Zacharee, Nami, Molly, Captain, Ivy, Raven X, General The, Suga (briefly, and by one person… don’t ask), Laasya, Eva, Ishana, Ishy, Squishy, Zita, Ziti, Theresa, and numerous other shortenings of that last one.

Each has a story, but today I’m going to focus on two names: Ishana (Ishy/Squishy consequently) and Theresa.

For those not aware, Ishana Mayakashi is a pen name. I started using Ishana as an alias a few years ago and eventually came up with a surname for it. Mayakashi is the Japanese word for “fake” or “counterfeit” (zomg I spelled that right the first try!).  Someone gave me the nickname “Ishy,” based off Ishana, which quickly turned into “Squishy.”

Personally, I love the nickname Squishy. Yet in real life, everyone calls me by some form of my given name. I highly doubt they will start calling me something other than the name I gave them when we met, nor do I think I could introduce myself to anyone as “Squishy” without giggling.

But this isn’t about how to get people to call you by a nickname. This is about how Ishana Mayakashi is not a real person, and I am. The discrepancy has been tolerable, until now. With my participation in the Blogenning, I’m blogging with people who know me in person, by my real name. When someone asked what they should refer to me as, I didn’t even know how to answer.

As promised, major changes will come to my blog as I end the aliases and start using my real name. I apologize in advance for whatever confusion these changes might cause, but I think making the changes here will be better than starting a new blog from scratch. Even if my blog URL will now be outdated…

And onto the second name. Hello everyone. My name is Theresa, though some people call me Squishy. It’s very nice to meet you all! To keep things lighthearted, what is the most loved, hated, silliest, or strangest nickname anyone has ever given you? How did you acquire such a name?


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  1. Nice to meet you, Theresa! I’d say my most hated nickname would be Spency, an irritating form of my name Spencer. Getting called Spin by one person was a bit weird, too. There’s also Suspence [sic], which I gradually grew accustomed to over the course of two years. I won’t be sad to see it go, though. If I wanted to go by a nickname based on my own, I’d probably want a derivative of Garland, my middle name.

  2. You should have saved this for next week when it’s your turn for the theme, it would have been a fun one ;-).

    The only nickname I’ve ever really gotten (other than douchebag… because, well… I can be a douche) is ravnos. Which I like. So…

    Nice to see the name change :). Now I’ll go change it on my links *grumble grumble* 😉

  3. Hi Theresa!
    Strangest nickname? My grandmother’s parrot used to call me rabbi.
    Theresa means summer in Greek or Latin or something, right? My name is the Arabic word for spring. We are both seasons. Yay.
    My name is Rabiya, by the way. Hats off to anyone who can figure out the pronunciation.

    • Theresa is Greek and means harvester and/or summer depending on your source.

      I like that a parrot gave you a nickname. As for pronouncing your name, I’m going to do the same thing I do with names in most novels I read: make up a pronunciation and stick with it. At least until I’m proven wrong. I’m a level 0 when it comes to pronouncing anything Arabic, sadly.

    • Is it pronounced ‘Throatwarbler Mangrove’? (A cultural reference that none of us have any business understanding)

      My name means ‘dispenser of provisions’. It was a title for a servant tasked with supplying other servants with items as needed, in order to prevent theft. Kind of neat, I guess.

  4. Theresa is a beautiful name!

    My strangest nickname is Putzer. My mom’s dad used to call me that when I was little. Now, he usually calls me by another nickname he started but others have adopted: “Bryny.” Since my name really is Bryna, it works and I like it. (Besides, beyond Bryn, there really isn’t much you can do to my name. Especially since it’s said with a short “i.” 🙂 )

    I would try to pronounce Rabiya, but I’m afraid I would butcher it far worse than most fellow Americans butcher mine. 🙂

    • I’m curious as to where ‘Putzer’ came from. I vote for BrynBryn!

      • BrynBryn! I’ll have to suggest that one to my family! 🙂

        I have no idea about its roots, but amongst some of my northern family, to “putz” is to dillydally, to lounge around and do whatever you want, to procrastinate, though it doesn’t always mean that there’s actually something else you ought to be doing instead. As a small child, I suppose I putzed around a lot… or perhaps he liked putzing around with me? I’m not sure. All I know is that most of my family has lived in the same part of the country since the French and Indian War. I suppose it is inevitable that some sort of dialect would develop over that time. 🙂

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