Best. Pet. Ever.

Brother cats cuddled together かわいい~!

Growing up, I always had a cat. Usually we’d have two from the same litter, siblings to keep each other company. My last cat I got when I was eleven years old, and named him Bailey. He was big and fat and amazed me with the tiny spaces he could squeeze his lard through. The sliding door in the sun room would be open just a couple inches and he’d manage to get through it.

We had Bailey as our only pet until my brother moved back in with his four cats. Yes, four. The mom, dad, and two sons. Seeing them all clash was worth as many giggles as headaches. The mom and dad (Waldo and Buddy respectively) had all sorts of marital disputes. I mostly blame Waldo. Buddy would try to cuddle, but she would start playing. He would play back, she would start losing and scream at him for it.

This is Buddy, and how he would frequently sleep. He fell off the chair shortly after I took this picture.

Waldo would baffle my poor Bailey. She would come up to him all sweet-like and rub up against him like she’s his best friend. Then without warning she would turn around, slap him, and flee. Bailey would stand there like “Wtf mate???” then turn to me like I could give him an explanation for her atrocious behavior.

Their story doesn’t end happily, but lately I’ve been thinking… If I could have any pet, what would it be? My first thought is a hedgehog, of all things. They’re small, relatively low-maintenance, quiet, and absolutely adorable. Not to mention I think most apartment complexes would allow a small pet like that, even if they don’t allow dogs or cats. And just look at them! Cute little round balls of spikes ~ Oh my squee! You eat that little carrot Mr. Hedgehog! Go go!


Then I met the Fennec Fox, and fell in love. Those EARS! They are the smallest breed of fox and can be kept as “exotic” pet. Everything about them seems like something out of a cartoon, so I’m hardly surprised to read they are energetic enough to tire out most dogs. So much squee ~ !


The Russian Silver Fox has actually been domesticated to be kept as a pet now. They’ve been bred to be house pets for something like 50 years now. Though they are gorgeous, I’m oddly not as interested in them as I am the Fennec Foxes. I think it’s the ears.

Of course, if we’re going to talk about exotic pets, how awesome would it be to have an ocelot or one of the other small big cats? Or be absolutely insane and get a Liger (lion/tiger, I swear it’s real, I’ve seen on irl)! And speaking of insane, what about fictional pets? How AWESOME would it be to have a dragon??? If you don’t agree that a dragon would be an amazing pet, we’re no longer friends. I’m sorry.

More than anything else though, I would want a Joe. No, not some random guy, and no, not a cup of coffee. A Joe. A magical flying sheep.

In my high school biology class, we did the typical DNA lab where you have to translate the DNA into RNA and match up the sequence of genes with the traits with which they belong. The traits happened to be blue fur, orange skin, male, and four legs. There might have been others, I can’t recall. We then had to draw a creature suiting these traits.

Enter the Joe. To make the creature male, we just had to give it a male name. Hence Joe. But I later decided my sheep didn’t look male at all. Her name wasn’t Joe, but Kyle (don’t ask) and the species of magical flying sheep were in fact called the Joe.

The Joe are small, fluffy, MAGICAL, and can FLY! What more do you want in a pet?? I suppose the whole, physically possible thing might be a necessity for some, but not for T3h Squishy!! My dream pet, is a Joe. One day, I will have one.

One day there will also be pictures for this post, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. This is the theme post for this week’s Blogenning! Check out what everyone else has to say about it under the Blogenning blogroll to the right –>

And now, dear reader, what is YOUR dream pet, real or not?


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  1. Look up the Savannah Cat. Part African wild animal, part domestic cat, part ridiculous(ly cute) face. You’re welcome.

  2. FOX! Must have fox… want… fox…

    Seriously though, I love cats. I have always, and will always have cats.
    Just ask Brandon.
    My cat is a silly cunt, and I love him. He’s also a prick… but he get’s that from me…
    That is my Mew-face. He is awesome (picture courtesy of Brandon).

  3. My mom had a pet hedgehog when she was a kid in Europe. They aren’t as hard to hold as people think.

    As for strange/exotic pets… how about a pet skunk? They’re actually pretty popular in the U.S. and have the scenting glands removed.

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