Duo Quadding

Since 2007, I’ve been playing a fantasy MMORPG called Rappelz. It’s a crappy game, really… but I’ll explain why in a different post. I’ve “quit” the came a few times, but the friends I have there keep dragging me back. The laughs I have with them make it far worth my time, despite how aggravating the game can be.

The level cap of this game is something absurd, level 190 or something, but most people are lucky to reach 160. I say “lucky,” I think I mean “obsessed.” It’s a massive grind game and at level 150+, you might spend 2-3 hours playing just to lose all of the experience you gained in a single death. Talk about harsh.

I’m currently level 138 and in the middle of quest lines that will get me to 149. The quests give massive amounts of experience, but are rather idiotic. They start at level 130, but have you kill mobs that are level 170. I understand they want to make the quests hard to complete, forcing people to work together and (hopefully) build teamwork, but I think they went about it the wrong way.

A team of level 130+ questers cannot take down a level 180 boss, no matter how well they work as a team. Even the highest level people in the game can hardly hit these bosses, and those people have a lot to lose if they die. In the end, you have level 130+ people willing to PAY level 150+ people to help them with the quests. That is not encouraging teamwork, that’s encouraging greed and desperation.

I’m one of those people who can’t find help, but I also refuse to pay someone to help me. I have been invited to a few quest parties just to have the leader kick me out for being “low level.” I am a healer, and people only want 150+ healers in their quest parties. In other words, I need to be 150+ to do the quests that will get me to 150+. Yeah…

Anyways /endRant. Not all is bad! As I said, it’s my friends who got me to play the game again, and it’s my friends who are the biggest help to me. I greatly appreciate all of their help, but there is one rather unorthodox method I would like to share with you all today.

Duo Quadding.

Two players, four characters.

It involves tri-boxing, or running three instances of the game at once, which is what my friend was doing. All three of his characters were level 150+. His Koala (pet) would tank the boss while his healer and I kept it alive. His other two characters would deal damage. Though it was slow going and very difficult, we have managed to kill a 180 boss, a 165 boss, and a 175 boss as well as several 178-179 mobs.

This method doesn’t teach much teamwork, but it is certainly a challenge. Conserving mana while throwing out constant heals for 15+ minutes is not easy, but something I’m getting better at with practice. As I level up, the increase in my stats will make healing easier for me. Hopefully this unusual method of questing will make me a better healer in the end, as well as a higher level.

I’m impressed with my friend for playing three characters at once and doing so well at it. I wouldn’t have been able to keep his Koala alive without the extra heals from his healer, and I surely would have run out of mana without the “mana scrolls” he was using on me. It took the majority of my concentration to do my one job, while he was doing three no sweat.

Up next: Phylla (level 165) and Sand Lord Kynish (level 190!)

Go go go !


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  1. Eh, I just play Minecraft. No levels to gain there!*


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