Cause for the darkness

Right so. If you’re reading this, then congratulations! You’ve made it onto my allow list!

Some time last week, my roommate happened to mention me to a friend of his. This friend decided she would Internet stalk me. She found my G+, my LinkedIn, my Twitter account (under ishanamaya AND TehSquishy), this blog, my other blog that never got off the ground, my YouTube channel, and even a newspaper article that did nothing more than mention me once. I didn’t even know that article existed.

Talk about creepy!!

That made me realize I’ve been a bit too lax about my Internet presence. To correct this, I made everything private. You now have to be on my allow list to view this blog. I have to follow you to let you see my Tweets. You can’t search for me on YouTube, and my G+ no longer has any personal info about me (except my full name, because they don’t let you change/hide that. The slags).

Part of me wants to start over with a completely different blog under a new pseudonym so nobody could link it to me. I realize this is the exact opposite direction I spoke of before. I guess using my real name isn’t exactly dangerous, but I do find it rather unsettling that someone can type my name into Google and find THAT much about me.

So what do I do now? I dunno. I’ve already decided I don’t like blogging, but I don’t mind keeping this thing around to chat with you all. At the same time, I have several friends that aren’t on WP who won’t be able to see this now that it’s private. What to do!

In other news: it’s Friday, I’m at work, and I am SO SLEEPY! Sleepiness is really my own fault for staying up later than I should have… but Rusty Hearts is just so much fun!!


About Squishy

Writer, dancer, gamer, and admirer of all that is beautiful.

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  1. That’s so creepy! It’s very unsettling how much people can find about you on the Internet. I’m glad you’re sticking around (and invited me 😀 ). Looking forward to continuing to hear your adventures. 🙂

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