Adventures with NaNoBoston

So I realized I’ve not made a NaNoWriMo post yet. Here’s a little anecdote from yesterday’s write-in at the Boston Public Library:

We have a goal board on which people write their name, username, starting word count, goal word count, and ending word count. When you reach your goal, you ring the goal bell and everyone applauds (albeit quietly, as we were in a library, after all). This being the first write-in, we were getting several newbies and Travis, one of the MLs, explained the goal board to a few people already. He had just explained it to one poor, unsuspecting chap when I decided to make use of the goal board, something I rarely do. With him standing there gazing at the entries already on the board, I added mine as follows:

Name/Username Starting WC Goal WC Ending WC
Squishy/I Wear Blue Socks yes <– ditto

Then proudly walked away. Pretty sure he thinks I’m mad. Pretty sure I’m proud of that. I got back to where I was sitting and started laughing hysterically. After catching my breath, I told Tom and Brandon what happened. Brandon gave me a high-five.

One of the door prizes was a magic wand, a silver stick about 6″ long with a star at the end. When Travis announced it, someone asked if it was a real wand, to which Travis (who is gay) responded “I’ve been a fairy all my life, I can guarantee the magic wand is real.”

Ian was the lucky fiend to win the wand. It now rests safely in the hand of his knit Cthulu.


For those who are curious, I did fill in the last column before I left.

Name/Username Starting WC Goal WC Ending WC
Squishy/I Wear Blue Socks yes <– ditto ALL THE WORDS

Welcome to NaNoBoston!


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  1. So, you got ALL THE WORDS in one session?

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