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My gods, it’s a blog post!

“I need to hurry up and finish this WIP so I can tear it apart and rewrite it…”

That was my foremost thought as I finished Brandon Sanderson‘s Mistborn this evening (it’s 11:30pm, can I still call that “evening”?). I don’t know if it’s due to reading, Brandon’s novel, or just being on holiday and thinking more, but there are many changes I want to make to my current WIP.

Big changes.

Well, not quite main plot-altering changes, but there are things I missed that I so desperately want to fix. I could have raised stakes here. I should have increased tension there…

This is why I have a very love-hate relationship with writing. I am a person addicted to progress. A perfectionist. I see a flaw and I seek to correct it immediately.

You can’t do that with writing. And it drives me mad. Read the rest of this entry

On Responsibility and Being Female

I read an interesting article today on BlogHer entitled “I Just Want to Go on a Walk.” In this post, the author, AV Flox, addressed the issue of why women often don’t feel safe in public. She belabored the fact that not all men are like the creepier ones she described — like the one that followed her out of a bookstore, him in a car and her one foot — and even gave several pieces of advice for gentlemen to not seem like a potential stalker. But she was a bit one-sided, in my opinion.

Just to be clear here — I do not think any woman should have to endure harassment on the basis of her gender and appearance. I also find the immediate jump to “what were you wearing?” when a woman reports a rape or sexual harassment as cruel and degrading. Women don’t ask to be raped,* the same as nobody asks to be mugged. Blaming the woman for the crime committed against her is wrong in every sense of the word.


As a (polite male) commenter said, leaving your valuables visible in your unlocked car parked in a shady area, and leaving it unattended for hours, is irresponsible. If you get your stuff stolen, that really sucks and shouldn’t happen, but what did you expect after being so foolish? Even so, if you were to report stolen goods, the immediate response wouldn’t be “you were probably asking for it.”

If an attractive young female walks alone at night in an under-populated area with little to no lighting, wearing a slinky cocktail dress… She is irresponsible. This does not, in any way, excuse someone committing a crime against such a woman, but that hypothetical woman is foolish for her actions. I’m not saying we should all dress like we’re going to church in the Victorian Era, only that we should acknowledge our actions have consequences, such as wearing a mini skirt (action) and catching someone’s eye (consequence). Read the rest of this entry

NaNo NoNo

My goal with NaNoWriMo this year was to figure out when and how I get the most writing done. I learned what I need to do to focus and where I need to be. I also learned how long I can focus on writing depending on where I am. The biggest lesson of all, though, is that NaNo is not for me.

Write-ins are a major part of the allure, but they were a complete bust this year. Two events were at a venue that can hardly fit a third of our usual attendees. One was in a room very difficult to find if you don’t already know where it is. Another was unbearably hot. Three events were at the same Subway. Despite all that, the B.Good write-in was the nail in the coffin for me.

We took over the lounge area on the second floor of this B.Good, which worked well for us last year. This year, the room was already packed ten minutes before the event started. There wasn’t a place to sit that didn’t require getting up close and personal with someone else. People sat in windowsills and next to trashcans, making it impossible to move around at all. It was uncomfortable and the temperature of the room kept rising the more people squished in.

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