Monthly Archives: January 2012

Ambition!! 野心的でいいじゃん~

Brief update on my life — My co-op is over and I’m back in class. I’ve been slacking on a lot of things lately, from studying to communicating to cleaning, and quite frankly… I’m sick of it.

Yesterday was my day of being super-mopey for no reason. Well, there were a few reasons. Certain big stresses compiled by some trivial ones, on top of it being winter and overall a depressing time of the year. So today, I am going to get rid of all the excess crap like you dump out a junk drawer.

Today, I am going to take care of all the clothes sitting on my floor and bed. I am going to organize my school stuff instead of just tossing things into notebooks. I am going to clear off my desk so I can actually move my mouse without bumping something.

One thing I didn’t slack on yesterday was writing. I held true and wrote for 20 minutes, with my goal only being 15. Not exactly lofty goals, but it’s much easier to oblige when “it’s just 15 minutes.” That aside, I noticed an odd parallel between by novel and my life.

In Corrupted, I am heading into the lull just before the second plot-point, which oddly describes how yesterday was for me. Yesterday was the lull, and today is PLOT POINT TWO! The chase is on, and it’s time to kick names and take ass!!

So why am I sitting here telling you all this? So you can keep me on track, that’s why!! You all are now my personal ambition trainers!