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Áine’s harp

Today was the first day of my Creative Writing course. The syllabus makes it sound like we’d only write creative nonfiction about trees and flowers, but the class actually seems pretty awesome.

It’s very unstructured and open, which is both good and bad. On the one hand, I can write anything I want. On the other, I can write anything I want. Having recently decided to put away the novel I’ve been working on since Fall, I was looking forward to someone pushing me in a direction I might not have gone on my own. I can probably still get that out of this course if I talk to the professor, but since she specializes in creative nonfiction, I might refrain from that. We’ll see how the semester goes.

That aside, tonight’s assignment is to write something, anything, in regards to “nature.” I, regrettably, must use the quotes there. Nature can mean anything — the trees outside your window, to the space surrounding you, even to human nature. It can be literal, figurative, theoretical, philosophical… anything. Anything at all. Did I mention this class is unstructured and open?

On more specific terms, we have to talk about and to nature. Or through it if we so decide. I came up with a few ideas and one poem, but none of them suited my fancy. It wasn’t until I was listening to Amethystium and the song Mystere [click the link to hear the song] started playing that I knew what I had to write about. Several minutes and lots of scribbles later, this is what I have: Read the rest of this entry

Boomslang Vin: Part 2 — The Tutorial

It’s a bit sloppy and longer than I wanted it, but here’s my rewrite of the Guild Wars 2 tutorial, closer to how I feel it should be. As always, comments/criticisms are welcome. I’m new to this style of writing, so any and all advice is helpful. As before, a video of the current tutorial (subject to change before release) is linked at the end.

Part 1

“Everybody get to the Inn!” someone shouted, “We’ll protect you safe there!”

It was a Seraph Lieutenant. If anyone could fend off the centaur, it would be the Seraph.

I followed the stream of frantic villagers into the Inn in the center of town. Priests of Dwayna tended to wounded soldiers while families huddled together for comfort. Nobody paid me any mind as I weaved through people, looking for a shadow to hide in.

I felt a tug on my pants and looked down to see a young boy, staring up at me with red eyes set in a dirty face.

“Do you know where my mommy is?” he asked.

I knelt next to him, “Are you sure she isn’t in here?”

“I was out playing when they told me to come here. But my mommy was cooking! How will she know to bring the food here?” he spoke between his sniffles.

His mother was probably still in her home, in terrible danger if she was still alive. That meant this boy was in terrible danger of becoming an orphan. An orphan like me.

“Sergeant! There are more centaurs on the other side of town. Captain Thackeray’s calling for reinforcements at the garrison!” I heard a Seraph say.

“It must be serious if he’s asking for help, but I can’t spare anyone.”

The only memento I had from my parents was the broken amulet I wore around my neck. I didn’t even know their names. The Seraph couldn’t help find this boy’s mother, but I could. If I could find his mother and return her safely, I could save this boy from losing everything. Read the rest of this entry