There’s a thing in many games called PvP, or player versus player. As its name suggests, PvP is when you fight other players instead of computer characters, and tends to have drastically different rules than typical gameplay. Other games revolve around it, such as shooters and real-time strategy games.

I’ve never liked PvP. Whenever I’ve partaken in it, I’ve felt guilty for killing others or foolish when I died trying. Not too long ago, a friend tried to teach me to play Heroes of Newerth, a game in which you must kill other players in order to win. After days of trying, I confessed I simply could not handle PvP of any sort, to which he responded with a single word:


Well, there are lots of possible answers to that. I don’t like competition, I lack confidence, I judge myself too harshly, I don’t think fast enough…but really, it comes down to one word: malice.

Nobody likes getting killed, whether it’s by a computer-controlled mob or another player who happened to get the upper hand. When you kill another player, you’re forcibly subjecting them to something unpleasant, something they did not want. That requires a certain level of malicious intent on your part.

The counter-argument to this is, of course, that people who partake in PvP do so with the knowledge that they are going to get killed. They will die, probably a lot, and that’s just part of the game. However, it still stands that malicious intent is a precursor to killing them, considering you still killing them.

It may be a little avatar, it may do nothing but mess up their KDR, but you’re still killing them. Perhaps I’m too compassionate, or too aware of the humanity behind the characters on the screen. Perhaps the knowledge that I have one chance, and one chance alone, to come through on top makes me choke. Perhaps all of it. But there is one thing for sure — I am too nice for PvP.


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