After spending a couple months struggling to maintain my daily writing habits, I’m suddenly back to wanting to write every second I can. Not even anything particular, really. Just…write. Stuff.

There’s one very important incident that reignited my ambition: A friend sat down with me and critiqued a 120-word flash fiction piece I wrote recently. It had nothing to do with the novel I’m editing, nor is it something I plan to use in the future. But we talked about it, and that was the greatest thing ever.

Writing is a conversation, despite how much it seems like a solitary activity. I rarely get to hold these conversations, whether about my writing or someone else’s, and I would love to change that. So here’s my proposal:
A once-a-week get-together to review a single piece (or portion of a piece)

The idea is to have a real-time one-on-one conversation about the piece in question. One week dedicated to one person, the following week dedicated to the other. That means you’d have a full two weeks to decide what to focus on, whether it’s something new, old, or not even fully-formed yet.

I’m absolutely serious about this. As much as I adore and respect everyone in Write Club, I unfortunately can’t go to them for this sort of thing. So if you’re even slightly interested, please let me know, whether in comment or in mail.


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  1. So you’re proposing a critique group? I like the sound of that. I actually had started one up and had it going for a little bit last winter/spring (or the one before? I forget, honestly), but life got in the way after a while.

    I would be down for attempting one of these post-NaNo again. Keep me posted on your ability to collect any other interest!

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